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2013 Nexia International Annual Conference, Shanghai

    Nexia International held its Annual Conference in Shanghai this year from November 13 through November 16. The event was hosted by the Nexia China firms, Nexia TS Shanghai Co. Ltd. and Nexia HDDY Shanghai CPA, and the conference theme was ¡°Effective Management of International Business.¡± With more than 220 delegates, representing more than 50 countries, the event was an important success, showing once again that Nexia International¡¯s member firm partners from around the world are serious about maintaining and improving their client-focused network of accounting and consulting firms. Delegates attended special sessions and general meetings that offered a wide range of topics, from doing business in China to best practices for providing quality international services to a global client base.

    Headquartered in London, and established in 1971, Nexia International is a global network of independent accounting and consulting firms, and is ranked in the top 10 of such worldwide networks. With more than 20,000 professionals and 500 offices in over 100 countries worldwide, member firms provide a wide range of services, including: audit and assurance; taxation advisory and planning; cross-bor