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2015 Nexia China Forum

    2015 Nexia China Forum 

    The 2015 Nexia China Forum was held in Chengdu on September 8th and 9th, resulting in yet another successful annual event. Thirty-four delegates attended as representatives of the five Nexia China member firms, plus a newly joining firm, Jinan New Fellowship, and a potential member firm from Nanjing, Jiangsu province.  

    The two days of presentations and discussions were not only informative, but also offered an excellent opportunity for networking between colleagues. 

    Opening the event as a special guest speaker, Mr. Xie, the General Secretary of the Sichuan Association of Certified Accountants (SACA), welcomed all the Nexia China members and discussed his opinions of international network membership. He highlighted that joining an international accounting organization was an efficient way for local accounting firms to expand and develop their business. Membership would also ensure ongoing improvement of service skills, especially as applied to international business. 

    The CEO of the Sichuan Huaqiang accounting firm, Mr. Chaijinguang, also spoke and expressed his appreciation for membership in the Nexia network. He confirmed that since joining Nexia in 2013, his firm has realized many benefits of membership, such as continuous improvement of service quality and the ability to network with other firms around the globe. 

    The chairman of Nexia China, Mr. Henry Tan, provided all attendees with a comprehensive introduction to the Nexia International organization, and also discussed international accounting and the development of accounting in the future. 

    During the bulk of the two days forum, Nexia TS specialists from both Singapore and China firms provided attendees with the following useful information and professional knowledge related to: 

    Consolidated financial statements
    Impairment of assets
    Joint arrangements 
    International advisory business

    Each firms representatives also shared with attendees their unique opinions and findings based on their experiences serving clients in the following areas:

    1. Audit reports used for judicial evidence;
    2. Audit service for state-owned enterprises; 
    3. Accounting firms business transformation under future trends or new situations; and
    4. Assurance services on property loss.

    The representative attendees from the various Nexia China member firms praised having been given an opportunity to engage in a diverse range of training topics covering audit and assurance, taxation, and corporate advisory, combined with discussion on the latest developments in the Chinese economy, changes of policies, the trends of market demands, and so forth. Indeed the 2015 Nexia China Seminar was successful, leading all attendees to look forward to the 2016 Nexia China Seminar in Guangzhou with great expectations.